Opuscula Atheniensia 30 (2005)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2005-12-01

Distributed by Astrom editions. Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Ann-Louise Schallin, Lena Sjögren & Monica Nilsson | Excavations in Midea 2004 (pp. 7-34) Sandrine Ducaté-Paarmann | Images de la grossesse en Grèce ancienne: réflexions sur les modes de pensées et de comportements à l’égard du corps enceint (pp. 35-53) Johan Flemberg | A female canon: addenda (pp. 55-59) Niklas Hillbom | Minoan game markers, pieces and dice. Small archaeological finds that could have belonged to games and gaming (pp. 61-98) Eleni Mantzourani & Giorgos Vavouranakis | Achladia and Epano Zakros: a re-examination of the architecture and topography of two possible Minoan villas in east Crete (pp. 99-125) Berit Wells, Arto Penttinen, Jenni Hjohlman & Emanuel Savini | The Kalaureia Excavation Project: the 2003 season, with an appendix by Kristian Göransson (pp. 127-215) Book reviews Jeannette Forsén | S.L. Petrakis, Ayioryitika. The 1928 excavations of Carl Blegen at a Neolithic to Early Helladic settlement in Arcadia (pp. 217-218) Izabella Donkow | D. Parrish (ed.), Urbanism in Western Asia Minor: new studies on Aphrodisias, Ephesos, Hierapolis, Pergamon, Perge and Xanthos (pp. 218-221) Bibliographical information Opuscula Atheniensia. Annual of the Swedish Institute at Athens (OpAth) 3o, Stockholm 2006. ISSN: 0078-5520. ISBN: 91-7916-054-9. Softcover,…

Opuscula Romana 30 (2005)
Opuscula Romana / 2005-12-01

Distributed by Astrom editions. See record at WorldCat. Contents Anne-Marie Leander Touati | The Piranesi marbles from Rome to Stockholm. An introduction to research in progress (pp. 7–29) Raffaela Bosso | Osservazioni sull’attività della bottega Piranesi tra Giovanni Battista e Frencesco: il caso esemplare del gruppo di candelabri con trampolieri (pp. 31–62) Dietrich Boschung & Glenys Davies | Arae Passieniorum (pp. 63–72) G.F. Guidi, C. Giardino & G. Trojsi | L’insediamento etrusco di San Giovenale (Blera, Vitterbo). Caratterizzazione chimico-fisica dei residui delle attività produttive (pp. 73–84) Kristina Jonsson | Intra mural graves in Rome. Social dimensions in early medieval burial practices (pp. 85–95) Monica Nilsson & Mark Robinson | Remains of prehistoric habitation beneath Pompeii V 1,13 (pp. 97–103) Bengt E. Thomasson | Laterculi praesidium. Addendorum series quarta (pp. 105–122) Book reviews Örjan Wikander | L. Ambrosini, Thymiateria etruschi in bronzo di età tardo classica, alto e medio ellenistica (pp. 123–131) Izabella Donkow | B. Burell, Neokoroi: Greek cities and Roman emperors (pp. 132–133) Bibliographical information Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 30, Stockholm 2006. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 91-7042-173-0. Softcover, 133 pages. Reviews L’Antiquité Classique (Jean-Charles Balty)

Opuscula Atheniensia 29 (2004)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2004-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. This volume of the Opuscula Atheniensia is dedicated to Pontus Hellström. Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Ann-Louise Schallin, Erika Weiberg, Lena Sjögren & Monica Nilsson | Excavations in Midea 2003 (pp. 9-27) Izabella Donkow | A Hellenistic wreathed male head from Cyprus in the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm (pp. 29-38) Niklas Hillbom | The Knossos game board (pp. 39-71) Isabelle Ratinaud-Lachkar | Insoumise Asiné? Pour une mise en perspective des sources littéraires et archéologiques relatives à la destruction d’Asiné par Argos en 715 avant notre ère (pp. 73-88) Book reviews Søren Dietz | M. Lindblom, Marks and makers. Appearance, distribution and function of Middle and Late Helladic manufacturers’ marks on Aeginetan pottery (pp. 89-90) Carl Nylander | J. Boardman, Persia and the West: an archaeological investigation of the genesis of Achaemenid art (pp. 90-92) Paavo Roos | P. Debord & E. Varinlioglu (eds.), Les hautes terres de Carie (pp. 92-94) Renée Forsell | S.E. Alcock, J.F. Cherry & J. Elsner (eds.), Pausanias. Travel and memory in Roman Greece (pp. 94-95) Jan Olof Rosenqvist | C. Mango (ed.), The Oxford History of Byzantium (pp. 95-97) Books received (p. 98) The published writings…

Opuscula Atheniensia 28 (2003)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2003-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou & Ann-Louise Schallin | Excavations in Midea 2002 (pp. 7-28) Berit Wells, Arto Penttinen & Marie Françoise Billot | Investigations in the sanctuary of Poseidon on Kalaureia 1997-2001 (pp. 29-87) Charles M. Adelman | The find group pottery from the Swedish excavations at Sina, Cyprus: significant sherds selected by Arne Furumark for his working notebook (pp. 89-171) Robert Parker | The problem of the Greek cult epithet (pp. 173-183) Birgitta L. Sjöberg | Settlement activity at Late Helladic Asine in the Argolid (pp. 185-201) Book reviews Lyvia Morgan | N. Marinatos, The Goddess and the Warrior. The naked goddess and Mistress of Animals in early Greek religion (pp. 203-204) Gunnel Ekroth | M. Deoudi, Heroenkulte in homerischer Zeit (pp. 204-207) Björn Forsén | Y.A. Pikoulas, Αρκαδια. Συλλογὴ μελετών (pp. 207-208) Björn Forsén | Y.A. Pikoulas, Λεξικό των οικισμών της Πελοποννήσου: παλαιά και νέα τοπωνύμια & F.A. Cooper (ed.), Houses of the Morea. Vernacular architecture of the northwest Peloponnesos (1205-1955) (pp. 209-210) Izabella Donkow | V. Tatton-Brown (ed.), Cyprus in the 19th century AD: fact, fancy and fiction. Papers of the 22nd British Museum Classical Colloquium, December 1998 (pp. 211-213) Books received…