Opuscula Atheniensia 30 (2005)


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Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Ann-Louise Schallin, Lena Sjögren & Monica Nilsson | Excavations in Midea 2004 (pp. 7-34)

Sandrine Ducaté-Paarmann | Images de la grossesse en Grèce ancienne: réflexions sur les modes de pensées et de comportements à l’égard du corps enceint (pp. 35-53)

Johan Flemberg | A female canon: addenda (pp. 55-59)

Niklas Hillbom | Minoan game markers, pieces and dice. Small archaeological finds that could have belonged to games and gaming (pp. 61-98)

Eleni Mantzourani & Giorgos Vavouranakis | Achladia and Epano Zakros: a re-examination of the architecture and topography of two possible Minoan villas in east Crete (pp. 99-125)

Berit Wells, Arto Penttinen, Jenni Hjohlman & Emanuel Savini | The Kalaureia Excavation Project: the 2003 season, with an appendix by Kristian Göransson (pp. 127-215)

Book reviews

Jeannette Forsén | S.L. Petrakis, Ayioryitika. The 1928 excavations of Carl Blegen at a Neolithic to Early Helladic settlement in Arcadia (pp. 217-218)

Izabella Donkow | D. Parrish (ed.), Urbanism in Western Asia Minor: new studies on Aphrodisias, Ephesos, Hierapolis, Pergamon, Perge and Xanthos (pp. 218-221)

Bibliographical information

Opuscula Atheniensia. Annual of the Swedish Institute at Athens (OpAth) 3o, Stockholm 2006. ISSN: 0078-5520. ISBN: 91-7916-054-9. Softcover, 221 pages.

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