Opuscula Atheniensia 29 (2004)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2004-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. This volume of the Opuscula Atheniensia is dedicated to Pontus Hellström. Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Ann-Louise Schallin, Erika Weiberg, Lena Sjögren & Monica Nilsson | Excavations in Midea 2003 (pp. 9-27) Izabella Donkow | A Hellenistic wreathed male head from Cyprus in the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm (pp. 29-38) Niklas Hillbom | The Knossos game board (pp. 39-71) Isabelle Ratinaud-Lachkar | Insoumise Asiné? Pour une mise en perspective des sources littéraires et archéologiques relatives à la destruction d’Asiné par Argos en 715 avant notre ère (pp. 73-88) Book reviews Søren Dietz | M. Lindblom, Marks and makers. Appearance, distribution and function of Middle and Late Helladic manufacturers’ marks on Aeginetan pottery (pp. 89-90) Carl Nylander | J. Boardman, Persia and the West: an archaeological investigation of the genesis of Achaemenid art (pp. 90-92) Paavo Roos | P. Debord & E. Varinlioglu (eds.), Les hautes terres de Carie (pp. 92-94) Renée Forsell | S.E. Alcock, J.F. Cherry & J. Elsner (eds.), Pausanias. Travel and memory in Roman Greece (pp. 94-95) Jan Olof Rosenqvist | C. Mango (ed.), The Oxford History of Byzantium (pp. 95-97) Books received (p. 98) The published writings…

ActaRom-4°, 52: Opuscula Romana 20 (1996)
ActaRom-4° , Opuscula Romana / 1996-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Romana 20. Pär Göran Gierow dedicata Contents Kristina Berggren, Tre tombe a cremazione con trace di legno nella necropolis di Quattro Fontanili a Veio (Roma) Ingrid E.M. Edlund-Berry, The power of cults and sacred spaces. The interpretation romana of sanctuaries in southern Italy and Sicily Maria C. Eriksson, Two Etruscan mirrors in the Thorwaldsen Museum, Copenhagen Björn Forsén & Timo Sironen, Bolli laterizi romani nell’Antikmuseet in Göteborg Lena Landgren, The Roman pleasure garden—foundations for future studies Peter Liljenstolpe, De ornamentis templi Urbis. Reconstructing the main order of the temple of Venus and Roma in Rome Alessandro Naso, Osservazioni sull’origine dei tumuli monumentali nell’Italia centrale David Ridgway, Greek letters at Osteria dell’Osa Paavo Roos, Strabo and the water-mill at Cabeira. Some considerations Raffaele Santillo, Il «saxum ingentem» a Ravenna a copertura del Mausoleo di Teoderico: problemi e soluzioni Martin Söderlind, A central Italic, terracotta votive head in the Classical Museum of Antiquities in Lund (in association with Pierluigi Bianchetti, technical analysis) Margareta Strandberg Olofsson, Pottery from the monumental area at Acquarossa: a preliminary report Bengt E. Thomasson, Laterculi praesidium. Addendorum series altera Örjan Wikander, Senators and…

ActaRom-8˚, 21: Opus Mixtum (1994)
ActaRom-8° / 1994-01-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opus Mixtum. Essays in ancient art and society Edited by Eva Rystedt, Charlotte Scheffer, and Charlotte Wikander Fifteen papers on various aspects of ancient art and society are gathered in this volume. They deal with the choice of moment depicted in the Parthenon frieze, the use of the Greek architectural orders in political propaganda, and the “programme” of the relief plaques from zone F at Acquarossa which is suggested to be celebrations connected to the ruler. The architectural layout of a well-temple in Sardinia is interpreted as an iconographic message of the cult of Tanit-Astarte. The significance of the horse in connection with death and the various types of female deities connected with horses in Archaic Greek religion are discussed, as well as the image of Artemis Ephesia and its connection with the mysteries of the goddess, the epithet Ambologera (“Delayer of old age”) attributed to Aphrodite, and the role of women in Roman religion. A white-ground lekythos by the Achilles Painter with the “mistress-and-maid” motif associated with music-making is analysed. A reconstruction of the Laocoon group, especially regarding the positions of the serpents is put forward. A marble head of Dionysos in the Swedish Zorn…

ActaRom-4°, 51: Opuscula Romana 19 (1993)
ActaRom-4° , Opuscula Romana / 1993-02-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Romana 19 Contents Carl Nylander, Gustavo VI Adolfo, il “re archeologo” S.M. Il Re Gustavo VI Adolfo, Discorso in occasione del conferimento della laurea ad honorem Oxford 1955 Olle Brandt, Recent research on the tomb of Eurysaces Peter Danner, Stützen im Giebel—Ein Motiv der etruskischen Wandmalerei Harry Erkell, L’Imperatore Commodo ed Ercole-Melcart Pamela Hemphill, The Romans and the San Giovenale area Bo Lawergren, Lyres in the West (Italy, Greece) and East (Egypt, the Near East), ca. 2000 to 400 B.C. Örjan Wikander, Senators and equites V. Ancestral pride and genealogical studies in Late Republican Rome Charlotte Wikander, Acquarossa: campagna di scavo 1991 The Swedish Institute in Rome. Report for the academic years 1990–91 and 1991–92 Book reviews Charlotte Wikander, review of R.R. Knoop, Antefixa Satricana. Sixth-century architectural terracottas from the sanctuary of Mater Matuta at Satricum (Le Ferriere) Örjan Wikander, review of O. Salomies, Die römischen Vornamen. Studien zur römischen Namengebung Örjan Wikander, review of I. Nielsen, Thermae et balnea. The architecture and cultural history of Roman public baths Örjan Wikander, review of G. Brodribb, Roman brick and tile Göran Bäärnhielm, review of B. Mattson,…

ActaAth-4°, 41: Opuscula Atheniensia 19 (1992)

Published by the Swedish Institute at Athens. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Atheniensia 19 Contents Carl Nylander, ‘Sture Brunnsåker, 1925–1978’ (p. 9) Paul Åström, Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou & Peter M. Fischer, ‘Excavations in Midea, 1989–1990’ (pp. 11–22) Gisela Walberg, ‘Excavations on the Lower Terraces at Midea’ (pp. 23–39) Birgitta Bergquist, ‘A particular, Western Greek cult practice? The significance of stele-crowned, sacrificial deposits’ (pp. 41–47) Mary Blomberg, ‘The meaning of Χελιδών in Hesiod’ (pp. 49–57) Robin Hägg & Gullög C. Nordquist, ‘Excavations in the Levendis sector at Asine, 1989. A preliminary report with an appendix on the animal bones by Katrin Moberg’ (pp. 59–68) Tullia Linders, ‘The Delian temple accounts: some observations’ (pp. 69–73) Alexandros Mazarakis Ainian, ‘Nichoria in the south-western Peloponnese: Units VI-1 and IV-5 reconsidered’ (pp. 75–84) Erik Østby, ‘Der dorische Tempel von Pherai’ (pp. 85–113) Paul Rehak, ‘Minoan vessels with figure-eight shields: antecedents to the Knossos throneroom alabastra’ (pp. 115–124) Eva Rystedt, ‘Notes on the rattle scenes on Attic Geometric pottery’ (pp. 125–133) Berit Wells, ‘The walls of Asine’ (pp. 135–142) Charlotte Wikander, ‘Pomp and circumstance. The procession of Ptolemaios II’ (pp. 143–150) Örjan Wikander, ‘Archaic roof-tiles: the first (?) generation’ (pp. 151–161) Miscellanea Åke Åkerström (†),…

Suecoromana 1: Docto Peregrino (1992)
Suecoromana / 1992-01-01

Docto peregrino. Roman studies in honour of Torgil Magnusson Edited by Thomas Hall, Börje Magnusson & Carl Nylander. Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Bibliographical information Thomas Hall, Börje Magnusson & Carl Nylander, eds. 1992. Docto peregrino. Roman studies in honour of Torgil Magnusson (Suecoromana. Studia artis historiae instituti romani regni Sueciae 1), Stockholm. ISBN 978-91-7042-145-7, ISSN 1102-7940. Hard cover: 298 pages.

ActaRom-4°, 44: Opuscula Romana 16 (1987)
ActaRom-4° , Opuscula Romana / 1987-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Romana 16 Contents Giovanni Colonna, ‘Il maestro dell’Ercole e delle Minerva. Nuova luce sull’attività dell’officina veiente’, pp. 7–41. Ingrid E.M. Edlund, ‘The sacred geography of southern Italy in Lycophron’s Alexandra’, pp. 43–49. Harry Erkell, ‘Varroniana III. Studi topografici. – Il culto all’Ara Maxima. Varro, De lingua latina V §§ 51–54 e VI § 54’, pp. 51–57. Erik J. Holmberg, ‘The Red-Line Painter’, pp. 59–90. Erik Nielsen, ‘Some preliminary thoughts on new and old terracottas’, pp. 91–119. Gad Rausing, ‘Charcoal, wheat and history’, pp. 121–124. Jocelyn Penny Small, ‘Left, right, and center: direction in Etruscan art’, pp. 125–135. Örjan Wikander, ‘Senators and equites. II. The aristocracy as agents of production’, pp. 137–145. Charlotte Wikander, Örjan Wikander & Giovanni Colonna, ‘An Etruscan inscription from Acquarossa’, pp. 147–148. Sebastian P.Q. Rahtz, ‘The Protestant Cemetery, Rome. A study undertaken under the auspices of the Unione Internazionale degli Instituti di Archeologia, Stora e Stora dell’arte in Roma. Interim report’, pp. 149–167. Carl Nylander, ‘The Swedish Institute in Rome (founded 1926). Report for the academic years 1984/85 and 1985/86’, pp. 169–171. ‘Guide for contributors to Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana’, pp….

ActaRom-4°, 26: San Giovenale (1967– )

San Giovenale. Results of excavations conducted by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies at Rome and the Soprintendenza alle Antichità dell’Etruria Meridionale Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Volumes published 2007 and earlier distributed by Astrom Editions. Volumes published 2008 and later distributed by Eddy.se AB. Vol. 1. Topographical introduction and history of excavations, photogrammatic methods and survey. Tombs Fasc. 1. Bengt E. Thomasson 1972. General introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-007-8 (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 2­–3. Bertil Hallert 1967. Basics principles of photogrammetric methods used for measurements of San Giovenale & Bertil Hallert, Aerial photogrammetric survey of the San Giovenale area, Lund (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 4. Carl Eric Östenberg 1972. The tombs: introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-008-5 (softcover: 16 pp.) Fasc. 5. Eric Berggren & Kristina Berggren 1972. The necropoleis of Porzarago, Grotte Tufarina and Montevangone. With drawings by Börje Blomé. With appendices by N.-G. Gejvall and Ruta Suksis-Jansson and with an addendum by Olof Vessberg, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-000-9 (softcover: 134 pp., 63 pls.) Fasc. 6. Carl Erik Östenberg & Olof Vessberg 1972. The necropolis at La Staffa, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-009-2 (softcover: 24 pp.) Fasc. 7. Carl Erik Östenberg 1969. The necropolis at Castellina Camerata, Lund (softcover:…