The Brygos painter at San Giovenale
Article , Content / 2009-12-02

Opuscula 2 (2009) is now available for purchase and free download at Also available at,, and The Brygos painter at San Giovenale By Yvonne Backe-Forsberg Abstract Based on stylistic criteria, it is argued in the following article that two Attic red-figured cups, one fragmentary kylix called the Pietrisco cup found in the Etruscan Bridge complex and the other one from a chamber tomb at San Giovenale, were made by the Brygos painter or a member of his circle c. 490–480 BC. The Pietrisco cup may even have been produced by Brygos the potter as it belongs to the cone-foot class. This group was previously dated to 480–475 BC, but is now backdated to 490–475 due to the analysis of the painting on the tondo of the Pietrisco cup. The Pietrisco cup was found with a substantial amount of Attic Black-figured, Red-figured and Blackglazed fragments in a fill deposit in a quadrant building of tufa ashlars interpreted as a sacellum near the Etruscan bridge at the Pietrisco brook in San Giovenale, Etruria. The two cups are the third and fourth kylikes attributed to the Brygos painter found in the settlement and in tombs at San Giovenale…

Opuscula Romana 31–32 (2006–2007)
Opuscula Romana / 2008-12-01

Now available for purchase at,,,, and Contents Johnny R. Bengtsson | Late Bronze Age handles from the Apennine settlement at Luni sul Mignone: Some chronological observations Ingela M.B. Wiman & Yvonne Backe-Forsberg | Surfacing deities in later Etruscan art and the sacellum at San Giovenale Allan Klynne | The Villa Selvasecca revisited John W. Hayes | Villa Selvasecca: the pottery finds Ebba Engström & Ragnar Hedlund | Villa Selvasecca: the coins Dominic Ingemark | Villa Selvasecca: the glass Anne-Marie Leander Touati | Interim report of the Swedish Pompeii Project: Work 2000–2004/5 in Insula V 1. Introduction Margareta Staub Gierow | The House of the Greek Epigrams V 1,18.11–12: preliminary report 2000–2004 Arja Karivieri & Renée Forsell | The House of Caecilius Iucundus, V 1,22–27: a preliminary report Henrik Boman & Monica Nilsson | The commercial establishments V 1,13; V 1, 14–16; V 1,20–21: preliminary report 2001–2004 Mark Robinson | Evidence for garden cultivation and the use of bedding-out plants in the peristyle garden of the House of the Greek Epigrams (V 1, 18i) at Pompeii Henrik Boman & Monica Nilsson | The early street and the prehistoric finds in Vicolo delle Nozze d’Argento, Pompeii Jörg…

New research on old material from Asine and Berbati

Published by the Swedish Institute at Athens. Distributed by Astrom Editions. New research on old material from Asine and Berbati in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Swedish Institute at Athens Edited by Berit Wells After an introductory paper on the creation of a Swedish Archaeological School at Athens, ten papers deal with subjects associated with material excavated at Asine and Berbati in the Argolid before the new wave of excavations in the 1970’s. The following subject matters are discussed in relation to Asine: the emergence of an élite in the Middle Helladic (MH) period; pre-firing marks on MH Aeginetan pottery; wooden boxes used as coffins for infants in MH times; MH child morbidity and child mortality; Asine as a case of economic interaction in the Argolid; the provenience and alloy compositions of metal objects diachronically; the source of iron during the Geometric period; bridging the gap in settlement between 700 and 300 BC. Two papers are concerned with Berbati: one underlines the continuity of the Mastos settlement from Early Helladic II into EH III; and one lays out the possibilities for a detailed study of the provenience of the local Mycenaean ceramics. Contents Preface (p. 7) Berit Wells,…

Opuscula Atheniensia 25–26 (2000–2001)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2001-01-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Robin Hägg dedicata Contents Therese Åkerstedt | Hellenistic-Roman chamber toms at Milas: Swedish excavations 1938 (pp. 9–23) Yvonne Backe-Forsberg, Christina Risberg & Yannis Bassiakos | Metal-working at Asine. Report on the remains of iron production from the Barbouna area and the area east of the Acropolis (pp. 25–34) Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Paul Åström & Gisela Walberg | Work in Midea 1997–1999: excavation, conservation, restoration (pp. 35–52) Niklas Hillbom | Minoan and Eastern Mediterranean games and game boards: a history of research (pp. 53–65) Kerstin Höghammar | A note on the border conflict between Argos and Sparta in the second century B.C. (pp. 67–70) Petra Pakkanen | The relationship between continuity and change in Dark Age Greek religion: a methodological study (pp. 71–88) Introduction: Mycenaean pictorial pottery (p. 89) Vassos Karageorghis | The Mycenaean pottery of the pictorial style: achievements and perspectives (pp. 91–93) Hans Mommsen & Joseph Maran | Production places of some Mycenaean pictorial vessels: the contribution of chemical pottery analysis (pp. 95–106) Lucia Vagnetti | Preliminary remarks on Mycenaean pictorial pottery from the central Mediterranean (pp. 107–115) Miscellanea Evangelos Kyriakidis | Pithos or baetyl? On the interpretation of a group of Minoan rings…

Opuscula Romana 24 (1999)
Opuscula Romana / 1999-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Gabriella Barbieri  | Materiali etrusco-romani da Viterbo. Corredi funerary inediti dalla località San Nicolao Giovanni Colonna & Yvonne Backe Forsberg | Le iscrizioni del ‘sacello’ del ponte di San Giovenale / Etruscan inscriptions and graffiti from the bridge at San Giovenale Francesco Galluccio | Volterra etrusca alla luce delle nuove scoperte Lars Karlsson | Excavations at San Giovenale in 1999. Fortifications on the Borgo Peter Liljenstolpe | Superimposed orders. The Use of architectural orders in multi-storeyed structures of the Roman Imperial era Ida Östenberg | Demonstrating the conquest of the world. The procession of peoples and rivers on the shield of Aeneas and the triple triumph of Octavian in 29 B.C. (Aen. 8.722–728) Bengt E. Thomasson | Laterculi praesidum. Addendorum series tertia Books received Bibliographical information Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 24, Stockholm 1999. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 978-91-7042-162-4. Softcover, 174 pages.