ActaRom-8˚, 17: Munuscula Romana (1991)

Distributed by Astrom Editions. View record at WorldCat. Munuscula Romana. Papers read at a conference in Lund (October 1–2, 1988) in celebration of the re-opening of the Swedish Institute in Rome Edited by Anne-Marie Leander Touati, Eva Rystedt & Örjan Wikander. Preface In October 1988, the Swedish Institute in Rome was reopened after a period of renovation. From the point of view of Classical scholarship in Sweden, this reopening was an event that called for celebration: thus a symposium was held in Lund, on the initiative of the Department of Classical studies at the University, in collaboration with the South Swedish chapter of the Society of Friends of the Institute (October 1–2, 1988). The aim of the symposium was to give an idea of the current range of Swedish scholarship within the Italic and Roman spheres. This research is carried out in numerous disciplines—history (political, social, economic), epigraphy, numismatics, religion, art, etc.—and within broad chronological frames (from prehistory to Late Antiquity). Of the papers read at the symposium, most are presented here, in revised versions. Regrettably, four lectures which contributed to the wide range of subjects, do not appear: P.G. Gierow, ‘The Aeneas legend’, B. Malcus, ‘Towns and landowners in…

ActaRom-8˚, 10: Opera selecta (1972)
ActaRom-8° / 1972-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opera selecta By Erik Wistrand Contents Ante atria (Skrifter utg. av Sv. Inst. i Rom 2, 1932, pp. 55–63) Ad Columellae r.r. 1,8,14 (Eranos 36, 1938, pp. 131–132) Gratus, grates, gratia, gratiosus (Eranos 39, 1941, pp. 17–26) De Vitruvii sermone ”parum ad regulam artis grammaticae explicato” (Apophoreta Gothoburgensia V. Lundström oblata, Göteborg 1938, pp. 16–58) Über das Passivum (Göteborgs Kungl. Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhälles handlingar, följd 6, ser. A, bd 1:1, Göteborg 1942) Bemerkungen zu Vitruv und zur antiken Architekturgeschichte (Eranos 40, 1942, pp. 143–176) Pomp. Mela 2,16 emendatur (Eranos 42, 1944, pp. 141–142) Textkritisches und Interpretatorisches zu Symmachus (Göteborgs Högskolas Årsskrift 56:3, Göteborg 1950, pp. 87–105) Per la storia del nome d’Italia nell’antichità (Mélanges de philologie offerts à M. Karl Michaëlsson, Göteborg 1952, pp. 469–481) Textkritisches zur Peregrinatio Aetheriae (Göteborgs Kungl. Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhälles handlingar, följd 6, ser. A, bd 6:1, Göteborg 1955) Horace’s Ninth Epode and its historical background (Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia VIII, Göteborg 1958) Virgil’s palaces in the Aenid (Klio 38, 1960, pp. 146–154) De Catulli carm. 62 v. 33 sqq. interpretandis (Eranos 59, 1961, pp. 49–53) Das Lateinische Pronomen is in…

ActaRom-4°, 02: Corolla Archaeologica (1932)

Corolla Archaeologica Principi Hereditario Regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolpho dedicata Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents O.A. Danielsson | Annius von Viterbo über die Gründungsgeschichte Roms (pp. 1–16) B. Wijkström | Welche sind die Tempel auf der Piazza Argentina? (pp. 17–30) Bengt Wall | Porticus Minucia (pp. 31–54) Erik Wistrand | Ante atria (pp. 55–63) Gösta Säflund | Porta Mugonia und Sacra Via (pp. 64–71) Åke Åkerström | Lacus Curtius und seine Sagen (pp. 72–83) Axel Boethius | The neronian “Nova Urbs”. Notes on Tacitus’ Annales, XV, 38 et. Seq., and Suetonius’ Biography of Nero, chapters 16 and 38 (pp. 84–97) Arvid Andrén | Terracotte di Ardea (pp. 98–117) Lars Fagerlind | The transformations of the Corinthian capital in Rome and Pompeii during the later Republican period. Together with a criticism of Tenney Frank’s History of the building of the Temple of Magna Mater (pp. 118–131) Martin P. Nilsson | The origins of the triumphal arch (pp. 132–139) Tönnes Kleberg | Deux noms de consuls romains (pp. 140–144) Einar Gjerstad | The palace at Vouni. A study in architectural history (pp. 145–171) Alfred Westholm | Sculptures from the temple-site at Soli-Holades (pp….