ActaRom-4°, 02: Corolla Archaeologica (1932)


Corolla Archaeologica, Lund 1932

Corolla Archaeologica Principi Hereditario Regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolpho dedicata

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions.


O.A. Danielsson | Annius von Viterbo über die Gründungsgeschichte Roms (pp. 1–16)
B. Wijkström | Welche sind die Tempel auf der Piazza Argentina? (pp. 17–30)
Bengt Wall | Porticus Minucia (pp. 31–54)
Erik Wistrand | Ante atria (pp. 55–63)
Gösta Säflund | Porta Mugonia und Sacra Via (pp. 64–71)
Åke Åkerström | Lacus Curtius und seine Sagen (pp. 72–83)
Axel Boethius | The neronian “Nova Urbs”. Notes on Tacitus’ Annales, XV, 38 et. Seq., and Suetonius’ Biography of Nero, chapters 16 and 38 (pp. 84–97)
Arvid Andrén | Terracotte di Ardea (pp. 98–117)
Lars Fagerlind | The transformations of the Corinthian capital in Rome and Pompeii during the later Republican period. Together with a criticism of Tenney Frank’s History of the building of the Temple of Magna Mater (pp. 118–131)
Martin P. Nilsson | The origins of the triumphal arch (pp. 132–139)
Tönnes Kleberg | Deux noms de consuls romains (pp. 140–144)
Einar Gjerstad | The palace at Vouni. A study in architectural history (pp. 145–171)
Alfred Westholm | Sculptures from the temple-site at Soli-Holades (pp. 172–188)
Erik Sjöqvist | Some Cypriot Iron Age tombs (pp. 189–207)
Axel W. Persson | Die spätmykenische Inschrift aus Asine (pp. 208–215)
Natan Valmin | Tholos tombs and tumuli. Some remarks on the question of the Homeric tomb form (pp. 216–227)
Krister Hanell | Zur entwickelungsgeschichte des griechischen Tempelhofes (pp. 228–237)
Lennart Kjellberg | Das Äolische Kapitell von Larisa (pp. 238–245)
Heribert Seitz | The youth from Subiaco. A study on a subject-problem in Hellenistic sculpture (pp. 246–269)
E. Wikén | Zur Topographie des Faijûm. Kerkē (pp. 270–276)

Bibliographical information

Corolla Archaeologica. Principi Hereditario Regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolpho dedicata (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom 4°, 2), Lund: C.W.K. Gleerup 1932.


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JRS 23:2, 246–249 (I.A. Richmond)

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