Opuscula Atheniensia 28 (2003)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 2003-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou & Ann-Louise Schallin | Excavations in Midea 2002 (pp. 7-28) Berit Wells, Arto Penttinen & Marie Françoise Billot | Investigations in the sanctuary of Poseidon on Kalaureia 1997-2001 (pp. 29-87) Charles M. Adelman | The find group pottery from the Swedish excavations at Sina, Cyprus: significant sherds selected by Arne Furumark for his working notebook (pp. 89-171) Robert Parker | The problem of the Greek cult epithet (pp. 173-183) Birgitta L. Sjöberg | Settlement activity at Late Helladic Asine in the Argolid (pp. 185-201) Book reviews Lyvia Morgan | N. Marinatos, The Goddess and the Warrior. The naked goddess and Mistress of Animals in early Greek religion (pp. 203-204) Gunnel Ekroth | M. Deoudi, Heroenkulte in homerischer Zeit (pp. 204-207) Björn Forsén | Y.A. Pikoulas, Αρκαδια. Συλλογὴ μελετών (pp. 207-208) Björn Forsén | Y.A. Pikoulas, Λεξικό των οικισμών της Πελοποννήσου: παλαιά και νέα τοπωνύμια & F.A. Cooper (ed.), Houses of the Morea. Vernacular architecture of the northwest Peloponnesos (1205-1955) (pp. 209-210) Izabella Donkow | V. Tatton-Brown (ed.), Cyprus in the 19th century AD: fact, fancy and fiction. Papers of the 22nd British Museum Classical Colloquium, December 1998 (pp. 211-213) Books received…

Opuscula Atheniensia 22–23 (1997–1998)
Opuscula Atheniensia / 1998-01-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Marie-Françoise Billot | Sanctuaire et cultes d’Athéna à Argos (pp. 7–52) Hélène Borrman, Mascot Fjaestad-Seger, E. Urban Engström & Paul Åström | A dental radiographic examination of a Late Bronze Age skull from Kition (pp. 53–56) Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Paul Åström & Gisela Walberg | Excavations in Midea 1995–1996 (pp. 57–90) Johan Flemberg | An Anadyomene in the Milles Collection (pp. 91–101) Barbro Santillo Frizell | Monumental building at Mycenae. Its function and audience (pp. 103–116) Jane F. Lloyd | The Minoan hall system and the problem of an entrance to the South House at Knossos (pp. 117–140) G.H.R. Wright | Puer aeternus in prehistoric Cyprus (pp. 141–146) Miscellanea Göran Henriksson & Mary Blomberg | Petsophas and the summer solstice (pp. 147–151) Penelope A. Mountjoy | An octopus stirrup jar from Kalymnos (pp. 152–154) In memoriam Alfred Westholm (written by Paul Åström) (p. 155) Erik Holmberg (written by Paul Åström) (p. 156) Book reviews Henrik Gerding | P. James et al., Centuries of darkness. A challenge to the conventional chronology of Old World archaeology (pp. 157–160) Gunnel Ekroth | C.M. Antonaccio, An archaeology of ancestors. Tomb cult and hero cult in early Greece (pp….