Opuscula Romana 24 (1999)
Opuscula Romana / 1999-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Gabriella Barbieri  | Materiali etrusco-romani da Viterbo. Corredi funerary inediti dalla località San Nicolao Giovanni Colonna & Yvonne Backe Forsberg | Le iscrizioni del ‘sacello’ del ponte di San Giovenale / Etruscan inscriptions and graffiti from the bridge at San Giovenale Francesco Galluccio | Volterra etrusca alla luce delle nuove scoperte Lars Karlsson | Excavations at San Giovenale in 1999. Fortifications on the Borgo Peter Liljenstolpe | Superimposed orders. The Use of architectural orders in multi-storeyed structures of the Roman Imperial era Ida Östenberg | Demonstrating the conquest of the world. The procession of peoples and rivers on the shield of Aeneas and the triple triumph of Octavian in 29 B.C. (Aen. 8.722–728) Bengt E. Thomasson | Laterculi praesidum. Addendorum series tertia Books received Bibliographical information Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 24, Stockholm 1999. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 978-91-7042-162-4. Softcover, 174 pages.

ActaRom-4°, 50: Deliciae fictiles (1993)

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Deliciae fictiles. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Central Italic Architectural Terracottas at the Swedish Institute in Rome, 10–12 December 1990 Edited by Eva Rystedt, Charlotte Wikander & Örjan Wikander Thirty-three papers on architectural terracottas read at an international conference in Rome. The papers include contributions on Greek material, but the main emphasis is placed on Central Italic roofs (from Northern Etruria to Campania) from the Archaic period. Several papers present hitherto unpublished material, either recently excavated or from earlier, unpublished, excavations and collections. Contents Eva Rystedt, ‘Preface’, p. 7 Arvid Andrén, ‘L’avviamento’, p. 9 ‘General list of abbreviations’, pp. 11–16 Nancy A. Winter, ‘The Greek background for Archaic architectural terracottas of Central Italy’, pp. 17–20 John F. Kenfield, ‘A modelled terracotta frieze from Archaic Morgantina: its East Greek and Central Italian affinities’, pp. 21–28 Concetta Ciurcina, ‘Rapporti tra le terrecotte architettoniche della Sicilia orientale e quelle dell’Italia centrale’, pp. 29–38 Elena Epifanio Vanni, ‘Antefisse di tipo campano a Himera’, pp. 39–43 Maria Bonghi Jovino, ‘La decorazione architettonica di Capua: peculiarità, itinerarii e modelli’, pp. 45–54 Ninina Cuomo di Caprio & Matilde Romito, ‘Fratti di…

ActaRom-4°, 44: Opuscula Romana 16 (1987)
ActaRom-4° , Opuscula Romana / 1987-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Romana 16 Contents Giovanni Colonna, ‘Il maestro dell’Ercole e delle Minerva. Nuova luce sull’attività dell’officina veiente’, pp. 7–41. Ingrid E.M. Edlund, ‘The sacred geography of southern Italy in Lycophron’s Alexandra’, pp. 43–49. Harry Erkell, ‘Varroniana III. Studi topografici. – Il culto all’Ara Maxima. Varro, De lingua latina V §§ 51–54 e VI § 54’, pp. 51–57. Erik J. Holmberg, ‘The Red-Line Painter’, pp. 59–90. Erik Nielsen, ‘Some preliminary thoughts on new and old terracottas’, pp. 91–119. Gad Rausing, ‘Charcoal, wheat and history’, pp. 121–124. Jocelyn Penny Small, ‘Left, right, and center: direction in Etruscan art’, pp. 125–135. Örjan Wikander, ‘Senators and equites. II. The aristocracy as agents of production’, pp. 137–145. Charlotte Wikander, Örjan Wikander & Giovanni Colonna, ‘An Etruscan inscription from Acquarossa’, pp. 147–148. Sebastian P.Q. Rahtz, ‘The Protestant Cemetery, Rome. A study undertaken under the auspices of the Unione Internazionale degli Instituti di Archeologia, Stora e Stora dell’arte in Roma. Interim report’, pp. 149–167. Carl Nylander, ‘The Swedish Institute in Rome (founded 1926). Report for the academic years 1984/85 and 1985/86’, pp. 169–171. ‘Guide for contributors to Opuscula Atheniensia and Opuscula Romana’, pp….

ActaRom-4°, 26: San Giovenale (1967– )

San Giovenale. Results of excavations conducted by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies at Rome and the Soprintendenza alle Antichità dell’Etruria Meridionale Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Volumes published 2007 and earlier distributed by Astrom Editions. Volumes published 2008 and later distributed by Eddy.se AB. Vol. 1. Topographical introduction and history of excavations, photogrammatic methods and survey. Tombs Fasc. 1. Bengt E. Thomasson 1972. General introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-007-8 (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 2­–3. Bertil Hallert 1967. Basics principles of photogrammetric methods used for measurements of San Giovenale & Bertil Hallert, Aerial photogrammetric survey of the San Giovenale area, Lund (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 4. Carl Eric Östenberg 1972. The tombs: introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-008-5 (softcover: 16 pp.) Fasc. 5. Eric Berggren & Kristina Berggren 1972. The necropoleis of Porzarago, Grotte Tufarina and Montevangone. With drawings by Börje Blomé. With appendices by N.-G. Gejvall and Ruta Suksis-Jansson and with an addendum by Olof Vessberg, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-000-9 (softcover: 134 pp., 63 pls.) Fasc. 6. Carl Erik Östenberg & Olof Vessberg 1972. The necropolis at La Staffa, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-009-2 (softcover: 24 pp.) Fasc. 7. Carl Erik Östenberg 1969. The necropolis at Castellina Camerata, Lund (softcover:…