ActaRom-4°, 02: Corolla Archaeologica (1932)

Corolla Archaeologica Principi Hereditario Regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolpho dedicata Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents O.A. Danielsson | Annius von Viterbo über die Gründungsgeschichte Roms (pp. 1–16) B. Wijkström | Welche sind die Tempel auf der Piazza Argentina? (pp. 17–30) Bengt Wall | Porticus Minucia (pp. 31–54) Erik Wistrand | Ante atria (pp. 55–63) Gösta Säflund | Porta Mugonia und Sacra Via (pp. 64–71) Åke Åkerström | Lacus Curtius und seine Sagen (pp. 72–83) Axel Boethius | The neronian “Nova Urbs”. Notes on Tacitus’ Annales, XV, 38 et. Seq., and Suetonius’ Biography of Nero, chapters 16 and 38 (pp. 84–97) Arvid Andrén | Terracotte di Ardea (pp. 98–117) Lars Fagerlind | The transformations of the Corinthian capital in Rome and Pompeii during the later Republican period. Together with a criticism of Tenney Frank’s History of the building of the Temple of Magna Mater (pp. 118–131) Martin P. Nilsson | The origins of the triumphal arch (pp. 132–139) Tönnes Kleberg | Deux noms de consuls romains (pp. 140–144) Einar Gjerstad | The palace at Vouni. A study in architectural history (pp. 145–171) Alfred Westholm | Sculptures from the temple-site at Soli-Holades (pp….