ActaAth-4°, 17: The Tyrant-Slayers of Kritios and Nesiotes (1971)


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The Tyrant-Slayers of Kritios and Nesiotes. A critical study of the sources and restorations

By Sture Brunnsåker


More than fifteen years have passed since this book first appeared. This edition is identical with that of 1955, except that I have been allowed to add a list of illustrations, indices, a list of corrigenda and a postscript with bibliographical addenda, dealing with the most important contributions to the discussion since 1955.

Sture Brunnsåker, Uppsala, March 1971

Introduction (excerpt)

Since , in 1859, Friedrichs created the basis for all further research by identifying the copies at Naples, much has been written about the statues of the Tyrant-Slayers. A variety of problems have been raised and discussed. Some have been solved, others are still under debate. Although a great number of articles and books have dealt with this monument, nobody has so far attempted to classify and examine the whole stock of evidence available to us. The main purpose of this work is to fill this gap.

Since the original statues have not survived, we must base our study on the various categories of evidence, literary sources, marble copies, reproductions of the statues in minor arts, &c, which have a direct bearing on the statues.

My first aim is to classify and describe the material of the case in full detail. I need not enlarge upon the methods used for this classification. The disposition of the several chapters shows my intentions. This section (pp. 33–120) is the substance of the works.

What precedes it, a discussion of the historical background of the statues, and what follows, a collection of studies of various, more or less important, aspects of the case, should be regarded as speculations around the main theme. As for the latter section, which has received the somewhat pretentious title ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS, I am anxious to point out that it is not intended to cover the whole ground. Several important aspects are missing. Others are perhaps too fully treated. The last three chapters may appear too summary, but it seems to me that a closer treatment of stylistic problems ought not to be based on Roman copies in marble from a bronze original.


Preface (p. V)
List of illustrations (pp. IX–XI)
Introduction (pp. 1–32)

Part 1. The evidence (pp. 33–120)
Chapter 1. The literary and epigraphical sources
Chapter 2. The marble repicas
Chapter 3. The base
Chapter 4. The reproductions of the statues on coins &c,

Part 2. Analysis and conclusion (pp. 120–164)
Chapter 5. The history of the Tyrant Slayers
Chapter 6. The site of the Tyrant Slayers
Chapter 7. The sculptors of the Tyrant Slayers and their career
Chapter 8. The restoration of the Tyrant Slayers

Abbreviations (p. 165)
Bibliography (pp. 166–174)
Indices (pp. 175–181)
Corrigenda (pp. 182–183)
Postscript with bibliographical addenda (pp. 184–188)
Plates 1–24

Bibliographical information

Sture Brunnsåker, The Tyrant-Slayers of Kritios and Nesiotes. A critical study of the sources and restorations (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Athen, 4°, 17), Stockholm 1971, pp. XI + 188 + 24 plates. ISBN 10: 91-85086-00-2. ISBN 13: 978-91-85086-00-9


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