The Basilica Sempronia and the Forum Romanum
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Opuscula 15 is published by the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome. Distributed by AB. View volume at ERIH PLUS. The Basilica Sempronia and the Forum Romanum By Henrik Gerding & Nicolò Dell’Unto Abstract The authors of this paper reinvestigate the remains of the Basilica Sempronia, situated below the Imperial Basilica Julia in Rome. By combining the information from the original excavation with a new 3D digital documentation, new observations are made and previous interpretations reassessed. The present remains are discussed in relation to the contemporary built environment, as well as to preceding and following phases. It is argued that the Basilica Sempronia was an elongated hall with closed lateral walls and interior supports. It was erected on a podium that raised the building above the surrounding streets on all sides except the west. The Augustan renewal of the Basilica Julia entailed vast foundations works, which had a huge impact on the site. However, evidence of an intermediate phase indicates the existence of a building complex that merged the previous basilica with the Tabernae Veteres, partly preserving their original dimensions and orientations. This intermediate basilica complex comprised a large paved unroofed surface at an elevated position, possibly a peristyle…

Opuscula Romana 31–32 (2006–2007)
Opuscula Romana / 2008-12-01

Now available for purchase at,,,, and Contents Johnny R. Bengtsson | Late Bronze Age handles from the Apennine settlement at Luni sul Mignone: Some chronological observations Ingela M.B. Wiman & Yvonne Backe-Forsberg | Surfacing deities in later Etruscan art and the sacellum at San Giovenale Allan Klynne | The Villa Selvasecca revisited John W. Hayes | Villa Selvasecca: the pottery finds Ebba Engström & Ragnar Hedlund | Villa Selvasecca: the coins Dominic Ingemark | Villa Selvasecca: the glass Anne-Marie Leander Touati | Interim report of the Swedish Pompeii Project: Work 2000–2004/5 in Insula V 1. Introduction Margareta Staub Gierow | The House of the Greek Epigrams V 1,18.11–12: preliminary report 2000–2004 Arja Karivieri & Renée Forsell | The House of Caecilius Iucundus, V 1,22–27: a preliminary report Henrik Boman & Monica Nilsson | The commercial establishments V 1,13; V 1, 14–16; V 1,20–21: preliminary report 2001–2004 Mark Robinson | Evidence for garden cultivation and the use of bedding-out plants in the peristyle garden of the House of the Greek Epigrams (V 1, 18i) at Pompeii Henrik Boman & Monica Nilsson | The early street and the prehistoric finds in Vicolo delle Nozze d’Argento, Pompeii Jörg…

ActaRom-4°, 17: Early Rome (1953–1973)
ActaRom-4° / 1953-01-01

List of published volumes Early Rome 1.  Stratigraphical resarches in the Forum Romanum and along the Sacra Via Early Rome 2. The tombs Early Rome 3. Fortifications, domestic architecture, sanctuaries, stratigraphic excavations Early Rome 4:1. Synthesis of archaeological evidence Early Rome 4:2. Synthesis of archaeological evidence Early Rome 5. The written sources Early Rome 6. Historical survey Early Rome 1. Stratigraphical resarches in the Forum Romanum and along the Sacra Via By Einar Gjerstad. Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Out of print. Preface (excerpt) This work of which Part 1 is here published has been called EARLY ROME. My intention is to present the entire archaeological and written evidence bearing upon the early history of Rome, from the beginning of the pre-urban epoch to the end of the Regal period, and to present the conclusions drawn from this material. It is planned to publish the work in six parts of which this first part deals with the stratigraphical evidence from the Forum Romanum and the Archaic habitation on top of the pre-urban necropolis at the Sacra Via; in the second part a descriptive survey of the tombs and the burial customs will be given; the…

ActaRom-8˚, 06: Studien zur Topographie des Forum Romanum (1953)
ActaRom-8° / 1953-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Studien zur Topographie des Forum Romanum By Erik Welin Contents Verzseichnis der Abbildungen Vorwort Puteal Libonis und das Tribunal des Stadtpraetors Das Tribunal an der Marsyasstatue und dem Lacus Curtius Die Tribunalia der Quaestionsgerichte Die Basilika als Gerichts- und Amtslokal Gerichtsstätte und Blitzgrab Die Columna Maenia und die Ehrensäulen der republikanischen Zeit Colossus Augusti Atria Publica Literaturverzeichnis Register Bibliographical information Erik Welin, Studien zur Topographie des Forum Romanum (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska institutet i Rom-8, 6), Lund 1953. Reviews Classical Philology 50:1, 1955, 55-56 (Dorothy M. Robathan) The Classical Review 5:2, 1955, 223-224 (J.M. Reynolds) Gnomon 26:4, 1954, 256-265 (Pietro Romanelli) Latomus 14:4, 1955, 612-615 (P. Naster)