Opuscula Atheniensia 21 (1996)


Opuscula Atheniensia. Annual of the Swedish Institute at Athens (OpAth) 21, Stockholm 1997. ISSN: 0078-5520. Softcover, 231 pages.Distributed by Astrom Editions


Edmund F. Bloedow | ‘Olympian’ thoughts: Plutarch on Pericles’ Congress Decree
Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Paul Åström & Gisela Walberg | Excavations in Midea 1994
Lola Eriksson | The Greek perception of nature—an ideological strategy? Preliminary outline for a working hypothesis
Jeannette Forsén | Prehistoric Asea revisited
Jeannette Forsén, Björn Forsén & Mika Lavento | The Asea valley survey: a preliminary report of the 1994 season
Göran Henriksson & Mary Blomberg | Evidence for Minoan astronomical observations from the peak sanctuaries on Petsophas and Traostalos
Elizabeth Kosmetatou | Midea in the post-Bronze-Age period. A preliminary report
Peter Liljenstolpe & Patric von Schmalensee | The Roman stoa of Poleites at Labraynda. A report in its architecture with an appendix by Johan Flemberg
Arto Penttinen | Excavations on the Acropolis of Asine in 1990
Charlotte Scheffer | Return or no return. The so-called ephedrismos group and the Hephaisteion
Berit Wells, Gunnel Ekroth & Kai Holmgren | The Berbati Valley Project: the 1994 season

Book reviews
E. Schorfield | A.-L. Schallin, Islands under influence. The Cyclades in the late Bronze Age and the nature of the Mycenaean presence
Carole Gillis | T.P. Hutchinson, Version 2 (History and archaeology) of essentials of statistical methods
Gullög Nordquist | A. Strömberg, Male or female? A methodological study of grave gifts as sex-indicators in Iron Age burials from Athens
Cecilia Beer | R.A. Stucky, Die Skulpturen aus dem Eschmun-Heiligtum bei Sidon. Griechische, römische, kyprische und phönizische Statuen und Reliefs vom 6. Jahrhundert vor Chr. bis zum 3. Jahrhundert nach Chr.
Cecilia Beer | R. Senff, Das Apollonheiligum von Idalion. Architektur und Statuenausstattung eines zyprischen Heiligtums
Johan Flemberg | H.A. Shapiro, Personifications in Greek art. The representation of abstract concepts 600–400 B.C.
Maria Pipili | A.A. Lemos, Archaic pottery of Chios. The decorated styles
Maria Pipili | E.J. Holmberg, The Red-line Painter and the workshop of the Acheloos Painter and On the Rycroft Painter and other Athenian black-figure vase-painters with a feeling for nature
Paavo Roos | J. Steele, Hellenistic architecture in Asia Minor

Books received

Robin Hägg | The Swedish Institute at Athens. Report for the academic years 1992–93 and 1993–94

Bibliographical information

Opuscula Atheniensia. Annual of the Swedish Institute at Athens (OpAth) 21, Stockholm 1997. ISSN: 0078-5520. Softcover, 231 pages.

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