ActaAth-4°, 24: Asine II (1976–1994)


Asine II. Results of the excavations east of the Acropolis 1970–1974

Published by the Swedish Institute at Athens. Distributed by Astrom Editions.

Fasc. 1. Søren Dietz 1982, with preface by Carl-Gustaf Styrenius and contributions by J. Lawrence Angel, Anders Hellström and David Reese. General stratigraphic analysis and architectural remains, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086559 (softcover: 144 pp. + pls.)

Fasc. 2. Søren Dietz 1980. The Middle Helladic cemetery, the Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean deposits, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086245 (softcover: 144 pp.)

Fasc. 3. Barbro Santillo Frizell 1986. The Late and Final Mycenaean periods, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086931 (softcover: 86 pp.)

Fasc. 4. The Protogeometric period

Part 1. Berit Wells 1976. The Tombs, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086115 (softcover: 31 pp.)

Part 2. Berit Wells 1983, with an appendix by Birgitta Hulthén and Siv Olsson. An analysis of the settlement, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086566 (softcover: 148 pp.)

Part 3. Berit Wells 1983. Catalogue of pottery and other artefacts, Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086573 (softcover: 297 pp.)

Fasc. 5 not yet published.

Fasc. 6. The Post-Geometric periods

Part 1. Birgitte Rafn 1979. The graves of the early fifth century B.C., Stockholm. ISBN 9789185086238 (softcover: 30 pp.)

Part 2. Erik Poulsen 1994. The Post-Geometric settlement material and tombs of the Hellenistic period, Stockholm. ISBN 9789179160289 (softcover: 52 pp. + 5 pls.)

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