Suecoromana. Studia artis historiae Instituti Romani Regni Sueciae


Suecoromana. Studia artis historiae Instituti Romani Regni Sueciae (ISSN: 1102-7940) was first published in 1992. The series is published by the Swedish Insitute in Rome and includes monographs and collections of scholarly works, including conference volumes, within the fields of Art History. Issues published 2007 and earlier are distributed by Astrom Editions. Issues published 2008 and later are distributed by

List of titles, by volume number

1 = Hall, T., B. Magnusson, and C. Nylander, eds. 1992. Docto Peregrino. Roman studies in honour of Torgil Magnuson. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-145-7.

2 = Bjurström, P. 1995. Nicola Pio as a collector of drawings. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-151-8.

3 = Kockel, V. 1998. Phelloplastica. Modelli in sughero dell’architettura antica nel XVIII secolo nella collezione di Gustavo III di Svezia, con un contributo di Magnus Olausson. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-155-6.

4 = Rodén, M.-L., ed. 1997. Politics and culture in the age of Christina. Acta from a Conference held at the Wenner-Gren Center in Stockholm, May 4–6, 1995. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-156-3.

5 = Magnusson, B., ed. 1999. Cristina di Svezia e Roma. Atti del simposio tenuto all’Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma, 5-6 ottobre 1995. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-157-0.

6 = Rodén, M.-L., ed. 2000. Ab Aquilone. Nordic studies in honour and memory of Leonard E. Boyle, O.P. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-161-7.

7 = Magnuson, T. 2004. The urban transformation of medieval Rome, 312–1420. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-167-9.

8 = Norlander Eliasson, S., and S. Fogelberg Rota, eds. 2015. City of the Soul. The literary making of Rome. Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-182-2.

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