ActaRom-4°, 52: Opuscula Romana 20 (1996)
ActaRom-4° , Opuscula Romana / 1996-01-01

Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Romana 20. Pär Göran Gierow dedicata Contents Kristina Berggren, Tre tombe a cremazione con trace di legno nella necropolis di Quattro Fontanili a Veio (Roma) Ingrid E.M. Edlund-Berry, The power of cults and sacred spaces. The interpretation romana of sanctuaries in southern Italy and Sicily Maria C. Eriksson, Two Etruscan mirrors in the Thorwaldsen Museum, Copenhagen Björn Forsén & Timo Sironen, Bolli laterizi romani nell’Antikmuseet in Göteborg Lena Landgren, The Roman pleasure garden—foundations for future studies Peter Liljenstolpe, De ornamentis templi Urbis. Reconstructing the main order of the temple of Venus and Roma in Rome Alessandro Naso, Osservazioni sull’origine dei tumuli monumentali nell’Italia centrale David Ridgway, Greek letters at Osteria dell’Osa Paavo Roos, Strabo and the water-mill at Cabeira. Some considerations Raffaele Santillo, Il «saxum ingentem» a Ravenna a copertura del Mausoleo di Teoderico: problemi e soluzioni Martin Söderlind, A central Italic, terracotta votive head in the Classical Museum of Antiquities in Lund (in association with Pierluigi Bianchetti, technical analysis) Margareta Strandberg Olofsson, Pottery from the monumental area at Acquarossa: a preliminary report Bengt E. Thomasson, Laterculi praesidium. Addendorum series altera Örjan Wikander, Senators and…

ActaRom-4°, 26: San Giovenale (1967– )

San Giovenale. Results of excavations conducted by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies at Rome and the Soprintendenza alle Antichità dell’Etruria Meridionale Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Volumes published 2007 and earlier distributed by Astrom Editions. Volumes published 2008 and later distributed by AB. Vol. 1. Topographical introduction and history of excavations, photogrammatic methods and survey. Tombs Fasc. 1. Bengt E. Thomasson 1972. General introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-007-8 (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 2­–3. Bertil Hallert 1967. Basics principles of photogrammetric methods used for measurements of San Giovenale & Bertil Hallert, Aerial photogrammetric survey of the San Giovenale area, Lund (softcover: 12 pp.) Fasc. 4. Carl Eric Östenberg 1972. The tombs: introduction, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-008-5 (softcover: 16 pp.) Fasc. 5. Eric Berggren & Kristina Berggren 1972. The necropoleis of Porzarago, Grotte Tufarina and Montevangone. With drawings by Börje Blomé. With appendices by N.-G. Gejvall and Ruta Suksis-Jansson and with an addendum by Olof Vessberg, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-000-9 (softcover: 134 pp., 63 pls.) Fasc. 6. Carl Erik Östenberg & Olof Vessberg 1972. The necropolis at La Staffa, Stockholm. ISBN: 978-91-7042-009-2 (softcover: 24 pp.) Fasc. 7. Carl Erik Östenberg 1969. The necropolis at Castellina Camerata, Lund (softcover:…

ActaRom-4°, 24: The Iron Age culture of Latium (1964-1966)
ActaRom-4° / 1964-01-01

The Iron Age culture of Latium By Pär Göran Gierow. Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. Distributed by Astrom Editions. Vol. 1. Classification and analysis, Lund 1966 Vol. 2. Excavations and Finds Part 1. The Alban Hills, Lund 1964 Opuscula Romana 2 (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom 4°, 24), Lund: C.W.K. Gleerup 1966. ISSN: 0081-993X.