Dissertation abstracts 2022–2023

Opuscula 16 is published by the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome. Distributed by Eddy.se AB. View volume at ERIH PLUS. All content available with open access. Dissertation abstracts 2022–2023 Danilo Marco Campanaro | Illumination matters. Revisiting the Roman house in a new light, Lund University 2023, ISBN 9789189415713 https://portal.research.lu.se/en/publications/illumination-matters-revisiting-the-roman-house-in-a-new-light Peder Flemestad | Order and adornment. The role of dress in Plutarch, Lund University 2022. ISBN 9789189415478 https://portal.research.lu.se/en/publications/order-and-adornment-the-role-of-dress-in-plutarch Valentina Vassallo | A 3D digital approach to the stylistic and typo-technological study of small figurines from Ayia Irini, Cyprus, Lund University 2022, ISBN 9789189415546 https://portal.research.lu.se/en/publications/a-3d-digital-approach-to-the-stylistic-and-typo-technological-stu Bibliographical information ‘Dissertation abstracts 2022–2023’, Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome (OpAthRom) 16, Stockholm 2023, 267-268. ISSN: 2000-0898. ISBN: 978-91-977799-5-1. Softcover, 268 pages. https://doi.org/10.30549/opathrom-16-16