Suecoromana 6: Ab Aquilone (1999)


Ab Aquilone. Nordic studies in honour and memory of Leonard E. Boyle

Edited by Marie-Louise Rodén. Published by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome and the National Archives of Sweden. Distributed by Astrom Editions.


Ab Aquilone. This well known inscription beneath the fresco of the North Wind in the Vatican Torre dei Venti, which in the 17th century was discreetly painted over for the impending visit of Queen Christina of Sweden, concisely expresses the relations of the northern, Protestant countries and Catholic Europe in the post-Reformation era. But these once problematic relations are today characterized by the broader acknowledgement of a common cultural heritage. Many Nordic scholars have profited from the possibility of pursuing research in the rich collections of the Vatican Library and Archives, and it is the aim of this anthology to present a selection of their results and current projects. Ab Aquilone contains fourteen contributions in the fields of archaeology, philology, history, church history, gender studies, library science and archival studies, ranging from the Middle Ages to modern times. The majority of the authors are active at institutions of learning in the Nordic countries, and they are joined by two European contributors with a special interest for the North. The volume has been edited by Marie-Louise Rodén and its publication sponsored by the Swedish National Archives and the Swedish Institute in Rome.

Bibliographical information

Marie-Louise Rodén, ed. 1999. Ab Aquilone. Nordic studies in honour and memory of Leonard E. Boyle (Suecoromana 9), Stockholm 1999. ISBN 978-91-7042-161-7, ISSN 1102-7940. Hard cover: 272 pages.

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