Opuscula 10 (2017)

Now available for purchase at Amazon.com, Bokus.com, Adlibris.com, and Bokorder.se Contents Katie Demakopoulou, Nicoletta Divari-Valakou, Joseph Maran, Hans Mommsen, Susanne Prillwitz & Gisela Walberg | Clay paste characterization and provenance determination of Middle and Late Helladic vessels from Midea Peter M. Fischer & Teresa Bürge | The New Swedish Cyprus Expedition 2016. Excavations at Hala Sultan Tekke (The Söderberg Expedition). Preliminary results Marie-Christine Marcellesi | Power and coinage. The portrait tetradrachms of Eumenes II Paavo Roos | The stadion of Labraunda Stella Macheridis | Symbolic connotations of animals at early Middle Helladic Asine. A comparative study of the animal bones from settlement and its graves Jeannette Forsén, Tatiana Smekalova & Esko Tikkala | The lower city of Asea, Arcadia. Results from a geophysical project 2001–2012 Nektarios-Peter Yioutsos | The last occupation of Asine in Argolis Book reviews Dissertation abstracts 2016–2017 Bibliographical information Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome (OpAthRom) 10, Stockholm 2017. ISSN: 2000-0898. ISBN: 978-91-977798-9-0. Softcover, 195 pages. http://doi.org/10.30549/opathrom-10

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