The Palamas Archaeological Project 2022
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Opuscula 16 is published by the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome. Distributed by AB. View volume at ERIH PLUS. All content available with open access. The Palamas Archaeological Project. A preliminary report of the 2022 fieldwork conducted by the ongoing Greek–Swedish archaeological field programme in Palamas, region of Karditsa, Thessaly By Maria Vaïopoulou, Robin Rönnlund, Fotini Tsiouka, Johan Klange, Derek Pitman, Rich Potter, Ian Randall, Harry Manley, Elisabet Schager, Sotiria Dandou & Lewis Webb Abstract This paper presents the preliminary results from the 2022 fieldwork of the Palamas Archaeological Project, an ongoing Greek–Swedish collaboration in the region of Karditsa, Thessaly. Working over the course of two separate field seasons, the project team conducted aerial, architectural, fieldwalking, and geophysical surveys at a number of sites within the survey area, including at the important multi-phase fortified settlements at Metamorfosi and Vlochos. Limited excavations were also conducted at the latter site, producing new evidence for the Hellenistic and Early Byzantine phases of the ancient city, including a probable cemetery. The work continues to add to the knowledge of the archaeology of the region, highlighting the long and dynamic history of human habitation in western Thessaly. Bibliographical information Maria Vaïopoulou, Robin Rönnlund, Fotini Tsiouka, Johan Klange,…

ActaAth-4°, 23: The calendar and hunting mosaics of the Villa of the Falconer in Argos (1974)
ActaAth-4° / 1974-01-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. View record at WorldCat. The calendar and hunting mosaics of the Villa of the Falconer in Argos. A study in early Byzantine iconography By Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen Contents Preface 1. Introduction 2. Description 3. Composition 4. Costume and equipment 5. Style 6. Iconography 7. Appendix: Late Roman and Byzantine representations of the calendar 8. Summary Bibliography Abbreviations General index Bibliographical information Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen, The calendar and hunting mosaics of the Villa of the Falconer in Argos. A study in early Byzantine iconography (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Athen, 4°, 23), Stockholm 1974. ISSN: 0586-0539. ISBN: 978-91-85086-10-8. Softcover: 167 pages + 12 plates in separate folder. Reviews American Journal of Archaeology 81:1, 109–110 (Anthony Cutler) Bulletin de l’Association Guillaume Budé 1976, 430–433 (Michèle Blanchard) Bulletin de l’Association internationale pour l’étude de la mosaïque antique 7, 1978, 300–305 (J.P. Sodini) Byzantinische Zeitschrift 73:1 (Raffaela Farioli) The Classical Review 26:2, 256–258 (Michael Vickers) The Classical World 69:7, 487 (J.K. Anderson) Journal of Hellenic Studies 96, 256–257 (Elisabeth Waywell) L’Antiquité Classique 44:2, 808–810 (Charles Delvoye) Revue des études grecques 89, 1976, 140–142 (Philippe Bruneau)