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Deadline for submissions to Opuscula is November 1st each year. Contributions should be submitted to the ECSI secretary, following the guidelines below.

Submission process

Peer review

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed in two to three steps.

1. The Editorial Committee initially reads the manuscript to ensure that all minima criteria are met and that it follows the guidelines for submissions.

2. The ECSI International Advisory Board is consulted when additional expertise is needed.

3. The manuscript is thereafter sent to two or more external reviewers. Based on the comments and recommendations by the reviewers, the Editorial Committee either accepts, accepts after minor or major modifications, or rejects the manuscript for publication.

The Editorial Committee employs a double blind process (to the extent that this is possible), i.e. both author and reviewer remain anonymous to the other party. All authors are encouraged to make every effort to uphold the anonymity in the text.

When an article or a monograph has been accepted for publication, the author will be provided with the review reports and asked to submit a revised version of the manuscript.

Initial submission

A complete copy of the manuscript should be sent electronically (by email) to the Secretary of the Editorial Committee. All text should be set in Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5. The submission should include:

1. A title page with the title of the manuscript as well as the name of author(s) (if more than one author, the corresponding author should be indicated), preferably academic affiliation, and full address details with email. Please note that only contributors who have actually written parts of the text are allowed to be listed as authors. Collaborators and excavation team members who have not participated in the writing of the text can be acknowledged in a footnote placed after the abstract. These acknowledgements should be added to the text in the revised submission, after the external review, in order to assure the anonymity of the author(s).

2. An abstract of 150 to 200 words in English.

3. One Word file with the main text, including footnotes, bibliography and lists of tables and figures. Please note that appendices are only to be included if absolutely necessary for the main article.

4. One document (.doc, .pdf, .ppt) with good quality copies of all tables and figures, numbered and set in roughly the intended size for publication. Separate high resolution picture files should not be sent at this time.

Revised submission

When a manuscript is accepted for publication, a revised version should be submitted, taking into consideration the comments from the external reviewers and the Editorial Committee. The revised submission should conform to the guidelines given below and include:

1. A cover letter indicating the author’s point-for-point response to the review comments, outlining the changes made in the manuscript.

2. A title page (see above).

3. An abstract in English (see above).

4. One Word file with the main text, including footnotes, bibliography and lists of tables and figures. Authors are asked to “track changes” (MS Word) or highlight revised text.

5. Illustrations. At this time, the author should submit high-quality image files, following the guidelines given below. Tables should be submitted in Excel or Word format.

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