The function of the Minoan palaces

View record at WorldCat. The function of the Minoan palaces. Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium at the Swedish Institute in Athens, 10–16 June, 1984 Edited by Robin Hägg & Nanno Marinatos Fourty-seven papers on the functions of the palace, the most characteristic phenomenon of the Minoan Bronze Age civilization in Crete, read at an international conference in Athens; the papers are followed by transcripts of the discussion of the symposium. The papers are arranged in eight groups, discussing (1) background (Near Eastern and Egyptian economy), parallels (Mycenaean palaces) and methodology; (2) the emergence of the Cretan palaces; (3) the relations of the palace with town and territory; (4) recent archaeological finds; (5) the palaces as ceremonial and religious centres; (6) the palaces as centres of trade and manufacture; (7) the administrative systems of the Minoans and Mycenaeans; and (8) the function of the frescoes in the palace. For James Walter Graham and to the memory of Spyridon Marinatos. Contents Preface (p. 9) Background and methodology Benjamin R. Foster | The Late Bronze Age palace economy: A view from the East (pp. 11–16) Wolfgang Helck | The dissolution of the palace economy in the Ramesside period (pp. 17–19) Klaus Kilian…

Opuscula Atheniensia 1

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Opuscula Atheniensia 1 Martin P. Nilsson | The Prehistoric Migrations of the Greeks (pp. 1–8) Åke Åkerström | Some pictorial Vase Representations from the Mainland in Late-Helladic Times (pp. 9–28) Natan Valmin | Malthi-Epilog, Vorläufiger Bericht über die schwedische Ausgrabung in Messenien 1952 (pp. 29–46) Arne Furumark | A Scarab from Cyprus (pp. 47–65) Åke Elmquist | An Italic Vase-Painter of the Early 6th Century B.C. (pp. 66–79) Erik J. Holmberg | The so-called Vase Painter of Athens 1806 (pp. 80–86) Erik Sjöqvist | The Early Style of Lysippus (pp. 87–97) Arvid Andrén | A Puzzle of Bronzes (pp. 98–103) Willy Schwabacher | Der Parthenos-Archetyp der hellenistischen Silbermünzen Athens (pp. 104–114) Olof Vessberg | Hellenistic and Roman Lamps in Cyprus (pp. 115–129) T.B. Mitford | Seleucus and Theodorus (pp. 130–171) Axel Boëthius | Die hellenisierte italische Stadt der römischen Republik (pp. 172–186) Einar Gjerstad | Lunar Months of Hesiod and Homer (pp. 187–194) Albert Wifstrand | Ein Epigramm aus Kappadokien (pp. 195–198) Gösta Säflund | Karische Inschriften aus Labranda (pp. 199–205) Paul Åström | Three Gravestones from Mersinet (pp. 206–207) Christian Callmer | Sam Wide und die ersten schwedischen Ausgrabungen in Griechenland (pp. 208–223) Erik Gren…

Opuscula Archaeologica 2

Out of print. View at WorldCat. Opuscula Archaeologica 2 Contents Elisabeth Jastrow | Abformung und Typenwandel in der antiken Tonplastik (pp. 1–28) Alfred Westholm | Bilt tombs in Cyprus (pp. 29–58) Natan Valmin | Ein messenisches Kastell und die arkadische Grenzfrage (pp. 59–76) Gösta Säflund | Ionisches un dorisches in Magna Graecia. Bemerkungen zu den architektonischen Terrakotten von Kaulonia (pp. 77–95) Einar Gjerstad | Il Comizio Romano dell’età repubblicana (pp. 97–158) Arvid Andrén | An Archaic terracotta antefix (pp. 159–163) Åke Åkerström | Zur Frage der mykenischen Dacheindeckung (pp. 164–173) Åke Åkerström | Der Schatz von Hassle (pp. 174–182) Pavils Ziçans | Über die Haustypen der Forma Urbis (pp. 183–194) Rudi Thomsen | Studien über den ursprünglichen Bau des Caesarforums (pp. 195–218) Bibliographical information Opuscula Archaeologica 2 (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom 4°, 5), Lund: C.W.K. Gleerup 1941. ISSN: 0081-993X. Softcover: 218 pages + plates

Opuscula Archaeologica 1

Out of print. View at WorldCat. Opuscula Archaeologica 1 Contents Fasc. 1 Erik Sjöqvist & Alfred Westholm | Zur Zeitbestimmung der Helena- und Constantiasarkophage (pp. 1–46) Gerhard Bendz | Sur la question de la ville de la Laurente (pp. 47–63) Gösta Säflund | Ancient Latin cities of the hills and the plains, a study in the evolution of settlements in ancient Italy (pp. 64–85) Fasc. 2 Gösta Säflund | The dating of ancient fortifications in Southern Italy and Greece, with special reference to Hipponium (pp. 87–119) Martin P. Nilsson | The triumphal arch and town planning (pp. 120–128) Axel W. Persson | Die hellenistische Schiffbaukunst und die Nemischiffe (pp. 129–163) Axel Boethius | Das Stadtbild im spätrepublikanischen Rom (pp. 164–195) Karl Lehmann-Hartleben & John Lindros | Il palazzo degli orti Sallustiani (pp. 196–227) Bibliographical information Opuscula Archaeologica 1 (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom 4°, 4:1 & 2), Lund: C.W.K. Gleerup 1934 & 1935. ISSN: 0081-993X. Softcover: 227 pages + plates Reviews American Journal of Archaeology 39:1, 1935, 164 (Tenney Frank) The Classical Review 49:6, 1935, 237-238 (R. Gardner) The Journal of Roman Studies, 25:1, 1935, 114-115 (C.G. Hardie)  

Corolla Archaeologica

Distributed by Astrom Editions. View record at WorldCat. Corolla Archaeologica Principi Hereditario Regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolpho dedicata Contents O.A. Danielsson | Annius von Viterbo über die Gründungsgeschichte Roms (pp. 1–16) B. Wijkström | Welche sind die Tempel auf der Piazza Argentina? (pp. 17–30) Bengt Wall | Porticus Minucia (pp. 31–54) Erik Wistrand | Ante atria (pp. 55–63) Gösta Säflund | Porta Mugonia und Sacra Via (pp. 64–71) Åke Åkerström | Lacus Curtius und seine Sagen (pp. 72–83) Axel Boethius | The neronian “Nova Urbs”. Notes on Tacitus’ Annales, XV, 38 et. Seq., and Suetonius’ Biography of Nero, chapters 16 and 38 (pp. 84–97) Arvid Andrén | Terracotte di Ardea (pp. 98–117) Lars Fagerlind | The transformations of the Corinthian capital in Rome and Pompeii during the later Republican period. Together with a criticism of Tenney Frank’s History of the building of the Temple of Magna Mater (pp. 118–131) Martin P. Nilsson | The origins of the triumphal arch (pp. 132–139) Tönnes Kleberg | Deux noms de consuls romains (pp. 140–144) Einar Gjerstad | The palace at Vouni. A study in architectural history (pp. 145–171) Alfred Westholm | Sculptures from the temple-site at Soli-Holades (pp. 172–188) Erik Sjöqvist | Some Cypriot…