Opuscula Romana 30 (2005)
Opuscula Romana / 2005-12-01

Distributed by Astrom editions. See record at WorldCat. Contents Anne-Marie Leander Touati | The Piranesi marbles from Rome to Stockholm. An introduction to research in progress (pp. 7–29) Raffaela Bosso | Osservazioni sull’attività della bottega Piranesi tra Giovanni Battista e Frencesco: il caso esemplare del gruppo di candelabri con trampolieri (pp. 31–62) Dietrich Boschung & Glenys Davies | Arae Passieniorum (pp. 63–72) G.F. Guidi, C. Giardino & G. Trojsi | L’insediamento etrusco di San Giovenale (Blera, Vitterbo). Caratterizzazione chimico-fisica dei residui delle attività produttive (pp. 73–84) Kristina Jonsson | Intra mural graves in Rome. Social dimensions in early medieval burial practices (pp. 85–95) Monica Nilsson & Mark Robinson | Remains of prehistoric habitation beneath Pompeii V 1,13 (pp. 97–103) Bengt E. Thomasson | Laterculi praesidium. Addendorum series quarta (pp. 105–122) Book reviews Örjan Wikander | L. Ambrosini, Thymiateria etruschi in bronzo di età tardo classica, alto e medio ellenistica (pp. 123–131) Izabella Donkow | B. Burell, Neokoroi: Greek cities and Roman emperors (pp. 132–133) Bibliographical information Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 30, Stockholm 2006. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 91-7042-173-0. Softcover, 133 pages. Reviews L’Antiquité Classique (Jean-Charles Balty)

Opuscula Romana 24 (1999)
Opuscula Romana / 1999-12-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. Contents Gabriella Barbieri  | Materiali etrusco-romani da Viterbo. Corredi funerary inediti dalla località San Nicolao Giovanni Colonna & Yvonne Backe Forsberg | Le iscrizioni del ‘sacello’ del ponte di San Giovenale / Etruscan inscriptions and graffiti from the bridge at San Giovenale Francesco Galluccio | Volterra etrusca alla luce delle nuove scoperte Lars Karlsson | Excavations at San Giovenale in 1999. Fortifications on the Borgo Peter Liljenstolpe | Superimposed orders. The Use of architectural orders in multi-storeyed structures of the Roman Imperial era Ida Östenberg | Demonstrating the conquest of the world. The procession of peoples and rivers on the shield of Aeneas and the triple triumph of Octavian in 29 B.C. (Aen. 8.722–728) Bengt E. Thomasson | Laterculi praesidum. Addendorum series tertia Books received Bibliographical information Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 24, Stockholm 1999. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 978-91-7042-162-4. Softcover, 174 pages.

A survey of Greek and Latin inscriptions on stone in Swedish collections
ActaRom-8° , Catalogue / 1997-01-01

Distributed by Astrom Editions. View at WorldCat. A survey of Greek and Latin inscriptions on stone in Swedish collections Edited by Bengt E. Thomasson in collaboration with Monica Pavese. A presentation, with text and short commentary, of 202 Greek and Latin inscriptions on stone kept in collections in Göteborg (the Department of Classics and Röhsska Konstslöjdsmuseet), Uppsala (the Collection of Classical Antiquities), Stockholm (the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antquities, the National Museum, the Gustav III:s antikmuseum, Millesgården and a private collection) and Umeå (the University of Umeå), as well as Rome (Istituto Svedese) and Anacapri (Villa San Michele di Axel Munthe). Contents Preface (p. 7) Introduction (pp. 9–10) Bibliographical abbreviations (p. 11) Inscriptions at the Swedish Institute in Rome (p. 13) La collezione epigrafica di Villa San Michele di Monica Pavese (pp. 15–75) The collection in Göteborg (pp. 77–83) The collection in Uppsala (pp. 84–94) The collection in Stockholm (pp. 95–120) Indices (pp. 121–127) Concordantiae (pp. 128–129) Bibliographical information Bengt E. Thomasson (ed.), A survey of Greek and Latin inscriptions on stone in Swedish collections (Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom, 8°, 22), Stockholm 1997. ISSN: 0283-8389. ISBN: 91-7042-154-4. Softcover: 129 pages. Reviews Arctos 31, 1997, 235-238…

San Giovenale 1:1–9

Distributed by Astrom Editions San Giovenale. Results of excavations conducted by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies at Rome and the Soprintendenza alle Antichità dell’Etruria Meridionale 1. Topographical introduction and history of excavations, photogrammatic methods and survey, tombs Contents Fasc. 1. Bengt E. Thomasson, General introduction, Stockholm 1972. ISBN: 978-91-7042-007-8 (12 pp.) Fasc. 2­–3. Bertil Hallert, Basics principles of photogrammetric methods used for measurements of San Giovenale & Bertil Hallert, Aerial photogrammetric survey of the San Giovenale area, Lund 1967 (12 pp.) Fasc. 4. Carl Eric Östenberg, The tombs: introduction, Stockholm 1972. ISBN: 978-91-7042-008-5 (16 pp.) Fasc. 5. Eric Berggren & Kristina Berggren, The necropoleis of Porzarago, Grotte Tufarina and Montevangone. With drawings by Börje Blomé, with appendices by N.-G. Gejvall and Ruta Suksis-Jansson and with an addendum by Olof Vessberg, Stockholm 1972. ISBN: 978-91-7042-000-9 (134 pp., 63 pls.) Fasc. 6. Carl Erik Östenberg & Olof Vessberg, The necropolis at La Staffa, Stockholm 1972. ISBN: 978-91-7042-009-2 (24 pp.) Fasc. 7. Carl Erik Östenberg, The necropolis at Castellina Camerata, Lund 1969 (29 pp.) Fasc. 8. Pär Göran Gierow, The tombs of Fosso del Pietrisco and Valle Vesca, Lund 1969 (58 pp.) Fasc. 9. Carl Erik Östenberg, Survey of tomb types, Stockholm…