Opuscula 9 (2016)


Front cover of Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome 9 (2016)Now available for purchase and free download at Bokorder.se


Henrik Gerding | Later, laterculus, and testa. New perspectives on Latin brick terminology

Peter M. Fischer & Teresa Bürge | The New Swedish Cyprus Expedition 2015. Excavations at Hala Sultan Tekke. Preliminary results. With a contribution by D. Kofel

Eleni Fassa | Divine commands, authority, and cult. Imperative dedications to the Egyptian gods

Stella Macheridis | Home, refuse, and reuse during the Early Helladic III to the Middle Helladic I transitional period. A social zooarchaeological study of the Asine bothroi

Melissa Vetters, Ann Brysbaert, Maria Ntinou, Georgia Tsartsidou & Evi Margeritis | People and plants. Piecing together archaeological and archaeobotanical data to reconstruct plant use and craft activities in Mycenaean Tiryns

Jesper Blid, Fr Maximous El-Antony, Hugo Lundhaug, Jason Zaborowski, Meira Polliack, Mengistu Gobezie Worku & Samuel Rubenson | Excavations at the Monastery of St Antony at the Red Sea

Serena Sabatini | Textile tools from the East Gate at Mycenaean Midea, Argolis, Greece

Svante Fischer & Fernando López Sánchez | Subsidies for the Roman West? The flow of Constantinopolitan solidi to the Western Empire and Barbaricum

Paavo Roos | The rock-cut chamber tombs of Labraunda

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Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome (OpAthRom) 9, Stockholm 2016. ISSN: 2000-0898. ISBN: 978-91-977798-8-3. Softcover, 297 pages.

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