Opuscula Romana 28 (2003)


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Anne-Marie Leander Touati | Prologue to the Ninth Boëthius Lecture celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Swedish Institute in Rome (pp. 7-8)

Antonio Manfredi | San Lorenzo in Lucina, Jean Le Jeune, Jean Jouffroy and the search for manuscripts in France during the papacy of Nicholas V (1447-1451) with a note by Maria Elena Bertoldi (pp. 9-34)

Janne P. Ikäheimo | The ploughsoil assemblage of Zone 4a at Ficana (Monte Cugno) (pp. 35-45)

Charlotte Scheffer | Dangerous driving: an Etruscan motif against the Greek and Roman background (pp. 47-72)

Margareta Strandberg Olofsson | Four imported transport Amphorae from Acquarossa (pp. 73-83)

Book reviews

David Ridgway | J.R. Brandt & L. Karlsson (eds.), From huts to houses. Transformations of ancient societies. Proceedings of an International Seminar organized by the Norwegian and Swedish Institutes in Rome, 21-24 September 1997 (pp. 85-88)

Örjan Wikander | B. Ginge, Excavations at Satricum (Borgo Le Ferriere 1907-1910: Northwest necropolis. Southwestsanctuary and Acropolis (pp. 88-89)

Örjan Wikander | A.-M.Romeuf & J. Romeuf, Le quartier artisanal gallo-romain des Martres-de-Veyre (Puy-de-Dôme) (pp. 89-90)

Monika Aszalos | S.J. Harrison (ed.), Texts, ideas, and the classics. Scholarship, theory, and classical literature (pp. 90-93)

Marianne Wifstrand Schiebe | A. Kahane & A. Laird (eds.), A companion to the Prologue of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses (pp. 93-94)

Books received (p. 95)

Bibliographical information

Opuscula Romana. Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome (OpRom) 28, Stockholm 2004. ISSN: 0471-7309. ISBN: 91-7042-168-4. Softcover, 95 pages.

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