Dissertations 2016–2017

Opuscula 10 (2017) is now available for purchase at bokorder.se Dissertation abstracts published in Opuscula 10 (2017) Martina Björk | Ovid’s Heroides and the ethopoeia, PhD thesis, Centre for Language and Literature, Lund University 2016 Patrik Klingborg | Water and risk in ancient Greece, 600–50 BC, PhD thesis, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University 2017 Paulina Partanen | Navigating female power: (De-)constructing the space of the immortal threat in Homer’s Odyssey, Department of Theology: History of Religions, Uppsala University 2016 Bibliographical information ‘Dissertations 2016–2017, Opuscula. Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome (OpAthRom) 10, Stockholm 2017, 196–197. ISSN: 2000-0898. ISBN: 978-91-977798-9-0. http://doi.org/10.30549/opathrom-10-12